Ogawa Corpus

Yoshiki Ogawa
Graduate School of Information Sciences
Tohoku University


Participants: 1
Type of Study: naturalistic
Location: Japan
Media type: diary
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5H314

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Citation information

Miyata, S. (2012b). CHILDES nihongoban: Nihongoyoo CHILDES manyuaru 2012. [Japanese CHILDES: The 2012 CHILDES manual for Japanese]. http://www2.aasa.ac.jp/people/smiyata/CHILDESmanual/chapter01.html

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Project Description

The Ogawa Corpus contains diary data collected by the generative linguist Yoshiki Ogawa. Ogawa has taught at Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University, since 2004. He has published a great number of books and articles mainly on syntax, morphology, lexical semantics, and diachronic change in morphosyntax. The release of this set of data is part of the many research activities driven by the Research Unit on Language Change and Language Variation, led by Yoshiki Ogawa.

He observed his first-born daughter Ayumi from birth (2011, July, 4th) until the age of 4-year-and-3-month, as she was growing up in Miyagi. The data is based on handwritten records collected virtually daily (1555 days over 4 years and 3 months), although her first utterance is in her 9 months old and there are few utterances in her first two years. The data contains 14,343 utterances by Ayumi, without including almost any utterances by other speakers (mainly, her mother and father). A comment is provided for some utterances, establishing the context and interpreting the child's utterance.

An electronic version of this data was adjusted to CHAT format and provided with morpheme coding (JMOR07) by Susanne Miyata (Aichi Shukutoku University).

Usage Restrictions

If you use this data or parts of it, please send one printed copy of your article/publication to Yoshiki Ogawa. More data which includes handwritten utterances of Ayumi from 4 years and 4 months on are available upon request as a Excel file (not yet CHILDES formatted). You can contact Yoshiki Ogawa via email.