This page provides an index to CHILDES corpora, organized by language group and data type.

Corpora that focus on early child phonology can be found at the PhonBank site . The majority of PhonBank corpora contain transcriptions of child productions without inclusion of the overall conversation. However, there are six PhonBank corpora (Davis, Lyon, Paris, Providence, Yamaguchi, and WeistJarosz) that have full transcriptions. Those corpora are included here in the CHILDES database and their transcriptions in Phon format can be found at the PhonBank website.
Collection Description Collection Description
Bilingual Children learning two or more languages. Celtic Irish and Welsh
Chinese Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese Clinical Children with various language disorders
Clinical-MOR Children with language disorders tagged morphologically DutchAfrikaans Dutch and Afrikaans
EastAsian Korean, Indonesian, Thai Eng-NA North America
Eng-UK United Kingdom French French
Frogs Frog story narratives German German
Japanese Japanese Narrative Other narratives
Romance Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian Scandinavian Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, Norwegian
Slavic Croatian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian Spanish Spanish
Other - 1 Arabic, Basque, Berber, Cree Other - 2 Estonian, Farsi, Greek, Hebrew
Other - 3 Hungarian, Nungon, Sesotho, Tamil, Turkish XLing Crosslinguistic studies