CHILDES Spanish-English Pérez-Bazán Corpus

María Jesús Pérez-Bazán
Romance Languages
University of Michigan


Participants: 2
Type of Study: bilingual conversations
Location: Michigan
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5TG6M

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Project Description

These data come from an unpublished doctoral dissertation: Pérez-Bazán, María Jesús. Predicting early bilingual development: Towards a probabilistic model of analysis. University of Michigan., 2002. The six subjects are between 2;0 and 3;0 years old. The parents live in a monolingual area of the United States (Michigan) without support for the minority language (Spanish). The results showed that the children develop as balanced bilinguals when they receive at least 90% regular Spanish input from both parents at home. These children engage in less code-switching.

Recordings were taken for 90 minutes each two weeks with 30 minutes with the mother, 30 with the father, and 30 with both. Tasks included meals, dressing, bathing, free play, and book reading. There were no instructions about what language should be used. The children and ages of recording were Carla 2;0-3;3, Alberto 1;8-3;0, John 2;0-3;3, Tina 2;2-2;11, Sheila 2;2-2;11, and Antonio 2;11-3;2.