CHILDES Mandarin Academic Language Corpus

Jing Zhou
East China Normal University


Participants: 15
Type of Study: naturalistic
Location: China
Media type: no longer available
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5SC9D

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Project Description

The academic language corpus is mainly collected based on the "Chinese Academic Language (CALA, 2015)" developed by the Child Language Research Center (CLRC) of East China Normal University. The last part of this tool is to elicit oral narrative samples of academic language, mainly for investigation children’s use of academic language in oral language expression. (see Zhou Jing, Li Chuanjiang, Du Lijun, etc., 2014).

The CALA is a test which need 10 minutes or more time to finish, while the academic languge part consists of only two pictures, the first is a banana, and the other is an apple. Experimenter first made a demonstration for the children to describe bananas through academic language such as shape, size, color, function/usage(for example, What do you think banana can be made?) etc., and then asks the child to describe the apple in these terms.

For specific information about the "Chinese Academic Language Assessment (CALA, 2015)", you can contact Dr. Zhang Yibin, the coordinator of CLRC at East China Normal University via email, and his email is The objects being described included a banana, a sheep, a giraffe, etc.


Zhiyi Wu and Yibin Zhang reformatted this corpus into accord with current (2020) versions of CHAT.