CHILDES Mandarin Chang Personal Narrative Corpus

Chien-ju Chang
Human Development
National Taiwan Normal University

Participants: 181
Type of Study: cross-sectional
Location: Taiwan
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5ST1V

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Citation information

Publications using this data should cite:

Chang, C., & McCabe, A. (2013). Evaluation in Mandarin Chinese children’s personal narratives. In A. McCabe & C. Chang (Eds.), Chinese language narration: Culture, cognition, and emotion (pp. 33-56). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (NSC94-2413-H-003-044)

Chang, C. (2008). Narrative components and cohesive devices in fantasy narratives, personal narratives, and scripts: A developmental study of Mandarin-speaking children in Taiwan. The XIth International Congress for the Study of Child Language. Edinburgh, UK. July 28-August 1, 2008. (NSC94-2413-H-003-044)

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Project Description

This project is a study of personal narratives of children aged 3 to grade 3. It uses Alyssa McCabe's conversational map to elicit personally experienced stores from children.


Zhiyi Wu reformatted this corpus into accord with current (2020) versions of CHAT.