CHILDES Mandarin Li Shared Reading Corpus

Linhui Li
Shanghai Normal University

Participants: 214
Type of Study: shared book reading
Location: China
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/YV4E-DT03

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Project Description

Mothers read three picture-books to their children. One of the books was the Chinese version of There Are Monsters Everywhere, a story book written by Mercer Mayer. Another was the Chinese version of What Are Needed, a scientific book written by Gianni Rodari. The third one was The Notification for a Lost Cat, a Chinese wordless picture book written by Guo Naiwen. All these three are high quality books that had won awards and were written by famous authors. These three types of books may elicit mother-child conversations that represent typical shared-reading interactions.

The three books were taken home with written instructions. Mothers read the books according to the instructions, which requested that the mother and the child read books together. They should read each book only once in any order that they wish. The process of mother-child shared-reading was videotaped by another family member, such as the father of the child. Then the videos were collected by investigators with the help of teachers in kindergarten.

Gems are marked as Xunmaoqishi, Dayaoguai, Xuyaoshenme, and Preparation.