CHILDES Mandarin Zhou Corpus 3

Jing Zhou
East China Normal University


Participants: 1
Type of Study: longitudinal
Location: China
Media type: no longer available
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5G40S

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Citation information

Zhang, L., & Zhou, J. (2009). The development of mean length of utterance in Mandarin-speaking children. In J. Zhou (Ed.), The application and development of international corpus-based research methods (in Chinese). Beijing: Education Science Publishing House.

张莉, & 周兢. (2009). 汉语儿童平均语句长度发展研究.周兢 (主编), 汉语儿童语言发展研究: 国际儿童语料库研究方法的应用与发展 (pp. 40-58). 北京: 教育科学出版社.

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Project Description

Zhou3 corpus were collected by Prof. Zhou Jing, and revised and re-edited by Dr. Yibin Zhang. The girl named Xuexue (Xue’er in corpus) were traced from 20 months to 65 months, and 30 samples were pushed on CHILDES. Xuexue's mother was working in the press/publishing company with a bachelor's degree, and the data recording was done from Xueer's kindergarten (a government kindergarten in Nanjing, Jiangsu of China, which is a kindergarten with high quality in those days. We do not have the background information of Xuexue’s father.

When she was 20 to 30 months old, we collected data every month. When she was 30 to 50 months old, we collected data every 2-3 months. After Xuexue was 50 months old, we collected data every 4-5 months. The data was collect under the context of mother-child free play interaction, and Xuexue and her mother were talking during free play games, reading aloud, and role play games.


Yibin Zhang reformatted this corpus into accord with current (2020) versions of CHAT.