CHILDES Clinical English Feldman Corpus: Narrative

Heidi Feldman
Stanford University Hospital


Participants: 18 target + 10 control
Type of Study: clinical
Location: Pittsburgh
Media type: no longer available
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5N894

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Project Description

This corpus contains a set of files collected by Heidi Feldman and colleagues at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. The children included are either participants who have experienced some form of brain lesion or the normal controls for these children. There are two main studies. The first set of files is a part of the “narrative study” with children aged 4 to 7 that used picture book story-telling procedures to elicit narrative descriptions. The second study, the “PC” study, looked at younger children using the procedures of the New England study (Ninio, Snow, Pan, & Rollins, 1996). In addition to these two major studies, there was a study of two twin pairs with one child with using both the methods of the PC study and, later, the narrative tasks.

Narrative Children
CAL4;0.15–6;11.20MDiffuse PVE injury
CAS4;1.6–6;2.25MBilateral injury in preterm infant
CES4;1.10–7.2.20MBilateral injury in preterm infant
CIO4;1.19MPrenatal RH white matter stroke in full-term infant
DAV4;2.12–6;0.MRight hemisphere porencephaly
DON4;1.10–6;20MDiffuse injury in full-term infant
DOT6;6MRight hemiparesis, LH lesion
FRI5;0.25–8;2.29FDiffuse injury in preterm infant
GAM5;0.19–8;2.25MLeft cystic PVL in preterm infant
HIN4;20–5;0.MDiffuse injury in preterm infant
MAC4;0.15–6;2.7MDiffuse injury in preterm infant
MAT4;0.12–6;1.9FDiffuse injury in preterm infant
MEC4;6.0–5;2.18MDiffuse and LH injury in preterm infant
SCO4;1.10–7;0.8FInfantile hemiplegia in full-term infant; left cystic PVL
SLA6;2.0FDiffuse lesion
SNO4;0.25MLeft hemisphere stroke at 1 month of age during catheterization
YUC4;0.25–6;3.18MDiffuse white matter lesion in preterm infant
YUR4;0.3–7;1.23MDiffuse lesion in near–term infant

Narrative Controls
BO24;0–5;0FFull-term healthy sibling of BOU
DR25;1.12–7–1.12FFull-term healthy sibling
GA34;1–5;1.22MFull-term healthy sibling of GAL
GR24;2.17–5;1.18MFull-term healthy sibling of GRA
LE25;5–6;1.0FFull-term healthy sibling of LEO
MA24;0–5;0FFull-term healthy sibling of MAT
MA34;0–5;0FFull-term healthy sibling of MAT
ME24;7.25–6;0MFull-term healthy sibling of MEY
PO24;0MFull-term healthy sibling of POR
ZI24;5.17–8;2.20FFull-term healthy sibling of ZIC