Feldman Corpus: Twins

Heidi Feldman
Stanford University Hospital


Participants: 2 twin pairs
Type of Study: clinical
Location: Pittsburgh
Media type: no longer available
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5S608

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Project Description

This corpus contains a set of files collected by Heidi Feldman and colleagues at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. The children included are either participants who have experienced some form of brain lesion or the normal controls for these children. There are two main studies. The first set of files is a part of the “narrative study” with children aged 4 to 7 that used picture book story-telling procedures to elicit narrative descriptions. The second study, the “PC” study, looked at younger children using the procedures of the New England study (Ninio, Snow, Pan, & Rollins, 1996). In addition to these two major studies, there was a study of two twin pairs with one child with brain manage and on without using both the methods of the PC study and, later, the narrative tasks.

The data for the twin study comes from two sets of twins in which one twin suffered early brain damage and the other did not.

NAM2;6–7;0Ffocal lesion
TAK2;6–7;0Fnormal twin of NAM
TYL1;11–6:10Mfocal lesion
BRI1;11Fnormal twin of TYL