CHILDES Dutch van Kampen Corpus

Jacqueline van Kampen
Utrecht University


Participants: 2
Type of Study: case studies
Location: Netherlands
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5K30C


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Project Description

The van Kampen corpus is based on tapings of two Dutch girls. Laura was studied from the age of 1;9.18 to 5;10.9 and Sarah from 1;6.16 to 6;0. The child’s age at each session is given inside each file. The recordings were made roughly once or twice every month by the mother of the children (Jacqueline van Kampen). The Laura corpus exists of 72 45-minute recordings. The Sarah corpus consists of 50 45-minute recordings.

The recordings were made using a Prefer OCC/1121 microphone and a Nakamichi 350 recorder. The transcribers used a Sanyo TRC 9010 with foot pedal. The recordings were made in unstructured, regular home settings between the target child and the mother. The initial transcription is done by one of the assistants. The final version is always checked by Van Kampen. There has been no explicit use of %mor or %syn tiers. Only in the cases when the child used nonadult words or incomprehensible utterances, was the %pho tier was used. Utterances containing the tag-question marker “he” at the end have not been given a question mark. This is done to distinguish them from real questions with inversion.

Please discuss use of these data with Dr. van Kampen. Additional diary notes on the children’s development are also available from Dr. van Kampen.


The collection of the data is funded by the Netherlands Organization of Scientific Research (NWO), project 300-171-027 “The acquisition of WH-questions.”

Assistance was provided by Christel de Heus, Evelien Krikhaar, Jacky Vernimmen and Simone Boezewinkel.