CHILDES English Feldman Corpus

CHILDES English Feldman Corpus

Andrea Feldman
University Writing Program
University of Colorado


Participants: 1
Type of Study: case study
Location: USA
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5NG7F

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Project Description

The data in this study come from a longitudinal study of Andrea Feldman’s first child, code-named Steven, from age 0;5 to 2;9. Steven was born 18-JUL-1992. Feldman began video and audio-taping Steven once a month from 0;5 to 1;2, after which she taped him approximately three hours per week. Phonetic transcriptions of Steven's speech are included only on words that differ noticeably from the adult standard; all other words are written on the main tier in standard English. At the time of taping, the mother was a linguistics doctoral student and the father was a senior instructor in Writing at the University of Colorado.

Steven was tested cognitively at two and three years old by his pediatrician. On the Verbal Language Development Exam he scored 3.88 (approximate developmental age) at two years old and 5.74 at three years old. On the Denver Articulation Screening Exam, he scored in the 98th percentile at age three; for purposes of comparison with other children, one would classify him as a rapid language learner.

The data were collected using a Sony FE camcorder along with a Marantz tape recorder and a Tecnica remote microphone. A heavy duty Bogen 3211 tripod was also used at times. Steven was always taped in our own home, with one or both parents present. Usually, one parent operated the video camera while the other interacted with the child. 'Laura', Steven's younger sister, was born when he was 1;11.13; she is present and sometimes making sounds (but not yet speaking) on some of these tapes.

Ten one-hour tapes between the ages of 1;2.1 and 1;4.16, and fourteen between the ages of 1;11 and 2;3.26 were transcribed. Steven's Lexicon (note: parents were relaxed about using some of STV's child forms to him, and sometimes with each other)
[bababa]'food' 4/8/93 age 0;8.21 - 1;0.10
voiceless [b] 'food' 4/8/93
[ma][mama]'mama' 4/23/93
[mUm] 'mama' 5/22/93
[dada] 'dad' 5/22/93
[ha] 'hi' 5/17/93
[baba] 'bye' 5/18/93
[gobaba] 'goin' bye bye' 6/8/93
[boida] [goida] 'good night' 6/9/93
[nana] 'no' 6/13/93
[nana] 'banana' 7/1/93
[mae] 'good' 7/3/93
[*b] 'splashy' 7/26/93
[kaka] 'quack quack' (name for duck) 7/28/93
[Uk] 'yucky' 7/28/93
adiorfrom Spanish, adios
aish, ai, aiXorange
badadabody lotion
bae or baekblack
bagibagel, bread
BikikiKing Soopers
byebyebyebye or telephone
byebye bathiebath
diditrain, deer
Ebi Fine ParkEben Fine Park
higher higherbuilding blocks
kaboompsfall down, from kaboom
mamamilk, mother
magigagamilk and cookies
mangimangifire engine
MimiSabrina, or Brina, the family cat
MinimartToys R Us
NadaLamb Chop
TadiSTV (name for himself)
TaduThomas the Tank Engine
YayaLara (name for baby sister)