CHILDES English Sawyer Corpus

Keith Sawyer
School of Education
University of North Carolina


Participants: 20
Type of Study: naturalistic
Location: xxx
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5H90T

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Project Description

The goals of the study were to determine the turn-by-turn interactional dynamics of unstructured children’s play, with the ultimate goal of analyzing how such unstructured interactions might contribute to the development of conversational skills, social skills, and creativity. The data were gathered from naturally occurring play encounters in a preschool classroom with approximately 24 3, 4, and 5 year olds, during their unstructured free play time. The researcher sat on the floor, silently, next to the target play group, and placed a microphone as close to the group as possible without interfering with the natural flow of their play. Consequently, these transcripts represent “fly on the wall” observations of what preschool children do and say during unstructured free play. Children’s ages are given in months. The transcripts are linked to audio.

CodeCode nameBirthdayAge
AArtie7/27/87 54
ALAlicia9/1/88 40
ASAnne8/19/88 41
AXAretha10/10/88 39
BBernie8/8/88 41
CHCorinna2/25/87 59
EEddy6/28/88 43
J2Jennie11/12/86 62
JEJerry11/30/88 38
JNJan9/1/87 52
JOJohn11/19/86 62
JWJennifer11/1/86 62
KFKathy11/3/86 62
KLKaren11/3/86 62
KNKarl2/13/87 59
KTKim7/2/88 42
M0Mrs. Sharp0
MAMatt12/31/87 49
MBMiss Benson0
MCMrs. Cohn0
MIMikey8/31/88 41
MRMark5/18/88 44
MUMuhammed1/14/88 48
MWMrs. Winston0
NNed10/16/87 51
RRachel6/10/88 43
SCSam12/11/87 49
YYung-soo6/23/87 55