CHILDES English Snow Corpus

Catherine Snow
Graduate School of Education
Harvard University


Participants: 1
Type of Study: case study
Location: Boston, MA
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5C59M

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Project Description

This corpus contains 30 files of data collected by Catherine Snow between 1979 and 1980 in Brookline, MA. The participant was her son, Nathaniel. He was 2;5 at the start of the study and 3;9 at the end. Before using the data, please check with Catherine Snow. Nathaniel was, at this stage of development, a particularly unintelligible child. He also used many empty or semi-empty forms mixed with meaningful speech, such as duh-duh, da-da, dede. Accordingly, many of his transcribed utterances include syllables that were broadly phonetically transcribed, either because they had no meaning, or because they could not be interpreted. His mispronunciations had in some cases standardized themselves into lexical or semilexicalized items, used either standardly in the family (see 0lexicon.cdc) or tran-siently within certain conversations (see 0lexicon.cdc). Unintelligible and empty syllables have been indicated in the text line by a yyy and the phonetic transcription is indicated on the %pho: tier.