CHILDES French Hammelrath Corpus

Claudine Hammelrath
Department of
University of Lille

Participants: 258
Type of Study: naturalistic
Location: France
Media type: no longer available
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5DK79

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Project Description

This study collected speech samples from 258 children aged 3;6 to 5;6 from 4 schools in North and 4 schools in Pas-de-Calais as a part of the PER2000 testing program (Ferrand, 1982). Children interacted with a speech clinician who asked them to describe a set of threee pictures given below. The productions were recorded and retranscribed in phonetic notation if needed. The population is composed of 125 girls and 133 boys from 3;6 to 4;1. 116 of the 258 children who presented evidence of delay of language acquisition profited from meetings of stimulation at the school carried out by speech therapists, teachers and members of the networks of assistance. These meetings were continued in great section of nursery school. In May and June of 2003, the same test was applied. 51 subjects were no longer available. 8 girls and 13 boys’ newcomers in the schools are integrated into the population. This second sample is composed of 107 girls and 121 boys from 3;6 to 6;9.