CHILDES French Leveillé Corpus

Madeleine Leveillé
Laboratoire de Psychologie


Patrick Suppes (1922-2014)
Stanford University

Participants: 1
Type of Study: naturalistic
Location: France
Media type: no longer available
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5RK5N

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Project Description

This directory contains files from a longitudinal study of a single French child. The study was conducted by Madeleine Leveillé and Pat Suppes of Stanford University. The data was donated to CHILDES by Patrick Suppes in 1985. The data are in CHAT format without English glosses. The target child was an only child of academic parents in their thirties. He was in close association with only native French speakers. His parents were willing to submit to the rather demanding rule that all they said, as well as what their child said, would be recorded for 1 hour a week over an indefinite period of time.

Philippe was born on March 3, 1969. In the first visit, Philippe was 25 months and 19 days old. He was a sociable little boy who was not shy, even with strangers. During the period of data collection, he often went to the Faculty of Sciences with his father who taught there. He also visited his mother in a laboratory of psychology where she worked, and he occasionally participated in experiments in the laboratory. Usually he attended nursery school; when he did not stay there the whole day, a lady in her forties stayed with him at his house. Both his mother and father talked a lot with him and provided him with a verbally and intellectually stimulating environment.

The first observational period, April 22 through June 24, 1971, twas completed before summer vacation began. After an interruption of nearly three months (83 days) when Philippe went to the country, the sessions continued at the same frequency through December 18, 1971. There was a lapse of 14 days between September 30, 1971 and October 14, 1971 due to a strike on the Metro, which paralyzed Paris. At that time 21 hours had been recorded. Then the visits became less frequent. Between March 23 and May 6 a total of 63 days elapsed because Philippe was on vacation. Session 33 was the last one, because Philippe was leaving Paris for his summer vacation. The complete schedule of recording sessions was as follows. Table 1: Philippe Files File Date Age File Date Age phil01 4-22-71 2;1.19 phil17 11-4-71 2;8.1 phil02 4-29-71 2;1.26 phil18 11-11-71 2;8.8 phil03 5-6-71 2;2.3 phil19 11-18-71 2;8.15 phil04 5-13-71 2;2.10 phil20 11-25-71 2;8.22 phil05 5-20-71 2;2.17 phil21 12-2-71 2;8.29 phil06 5-29-71 2;2.26 phil22 12-18-71 2;9.15 phil07 6-3-71 2;3.0 phil23 1-6-72 2;10.3 phil08 6-10-71 2;3.7 phil24 1-20-72 2;10.17 phil09 6-17-71 2;3.14 phil25 2-3-72 2;11.0 phil10 6-24-71 2;3.21 phil26 2-10-72 2;11.7 phil11 9-16-71 2;6.13 phil27 2-24-72 2;11.21 phil12 9-23-71 2;6.20 phil28 3-9-72 3;0.6 phil13 9-30-71 2;6.27 phil29 3-23-72 3;0.20 phil14 10-14-71 2;7.11 phil30 5-6-72 3;2.3 phil15 10-21-71 2;7.18 phil31 5-18-72 3;2.15 phil16 10-28-71 2;7.25 phil32 6-1-72 3;2.29 phil33 6-15-72 3;3.12 For practical reasons, recording sessions always took place in the morning, generally not long after Philippe had awakened. Each session, with a few exceptions, lasted 1 hour. Although the recording periods were relaxed and informal, Philippe was asked not to leave the room in which the tape recorder was installed for any significant time. Usually the tape recorder was set up in the living room, which was at the center of the apartment. Only the microphone was moved to the kitchen during breakfast. If Philippe wanted to play in his bedroom, the tape recorder was taken there and Philippe was asked not to go into the other rooms too often or too long.