Palasis Corpus

Katerina Palasis
Department of Linguistics
University of Nice


Participants: 22
Type of Study: classroom
Location: France
Media type: video
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5SW4P

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Project Description

This is a longitudinal and cross-sectional study of language development in French with recordings made over a 3-year period with 22 children aged 2;5.5 to 4;0.1 from the same kindergarten class. Corpus 1 represents the first year with recordings from November 2006 to June 2007 (13 sessions, approximately 20 hours). Rita's first language was Portuguese and Eliza's first language was Russian. The interactions are child-child and child-investigator spontaneous interactions, including playing various games, ‘reading’ books, commenting on the class’ photo album, asking the children about their activities in and out of school.

History: this series of recordings (Corpus 1) was undertaken within my thesis project in order to study the development of subject clitics, strong pronouns, and noun phrases in spontaneous child French. This is the reason why very specific codes were devised with regard to clitic and strong pronouns in this corpus (cf. attached Palasis_06-07_Specific.cut file, and details in Palasis, Katerina, 2010, "Introducing New French Child Data: Thoughts on their Gathering and Coding", Corpus, Vol. 9 "La syntaxe de corpus", p. 33-51, There was no specific funding for Corpus 1.

I will very shortly start working on Corpus 2 (25 hours of recordings) and Corpus 3 (20 hours) thanks to recently granted funding by the ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) within a joint French-German (University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis and University of Konstanz) 3-year project named DADDIPRO (‘Dialectal, acquisitional, and diachronic data and investigations on subject pronouns in Gallo-Romance’).


Proper first names used in final transcripts (since each transcript is now linked to either a video or an audio file). Family names and some locations not transcribed in order to preserve privacy. Since the initial project was to use pseudonyms (I had not thought about linkage…), discrepancies can be found between these final transcripts and previous transcripts cited in preceding publications. Informed consent form signed by parents for each child.

There are a number of videos in this file where there is transcribed material, usually at the begining or end, for which there is no video. For most of these files there is a comment saying that the transcription was made from the audio files. The files that fit this description are:

01-1b, 04-16, 07-29b, 08-32a, 08-33, 09-37a, 11-43a, 13-46a, 13-48a.

Also, some of the linking near the end of file 08-31a was not very accurate.