Basque-Duguine Frogs Corpus

Isabelle Duguine
Unité de Recherche Interdisciplinaire Octogone-Lordat EA 4156- Toulouse


Participants: from 7 to 10 participants ages from 5, 6 (first session) to 7, 8 (last session)
Type of Study: narrative
Location: France
Media type: audio

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Project Description

This is a three-year longitudinal study conducted in the French area of the Basque Country. Subjects included bilingual children acquiring Basque and French, either simultaneously or consecutively (first language Basque or French) and monolinguals in both languages. The children had a mean age of 5 years at the first data collection point (from 4;6 to 6;0). Data were collected in the two languages on an elicitation task based on the booklet "Frog where are you?" Subjects included: Please see this link for a general description of the Frog Story methods.