CHILDES Japanese Ishii Corpus

Takeo Ishii
Department of Foreign Languages
Kyoto Sangyo University


Participants: 1
Type of Study: naturalistic
Location: Japan
Media type: video
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5VC8N

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Citation information

Ishii, T. (1999). The JUN Corpus, unpublished.

In accordance with TalkBank rules, any use of data from this corpus must be accompanied by at least one of the above references.

Project Description

Jun is a third child in the family with a brother Ken and a sister Yasuko. The family lived in Kyoto City and moved to Kusatsu City, Shiga Pref., where Jun was born. The family speak Kyoto dialect. Dialect and family words are listed in the file dialect.cdc.

The Jun corpus is made public to child language researchers. Any researcher interested in child language acquisition may use these data freely. More data will be added in the future. Some warnings concerning the corpus are: (1) Reliability was not checked, (2) The length of the observational sessions differ, (3) Some of the movies, especially earlier ones, are not very clear due to the weather, and (4) UNIBET symbols are used, especially for earlier sessions when child utterances are unclear. The data include only the utterances of participants with few situational descriptions, as it was very complicated to describe the situations fully.

The database currently contains 61 files and each recording lasts about 15 minutes. The resulting movie files are between 300 and 590 megabytes in size. The first 31 files cover the ages between 0;8 and 1;11 at a roughly bimonthly frequency. The second set of 31 files cover the period from 3;5 to 3;8, but each session lasts nearly one hour and is divided into about 4 periods of 15 minute recordings.

Usage Restrictions

If you use this data or parts of it, please send one printed copy of your article/publication to Takeo Ishii. Please cite: Ishii, Takeo 1999, The JUN Corpus, unpublished.