CHILDES Estonian Kapanen Corpus

Airi Kapanen
Estonian Language
Tallinn University


Participants: 1
Type of Study: naturalistic
Location: Estonia
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5GW3H

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Project Description

Airi Kapanen of Tallinn, Estonia, has contributed a set of 8 files documenting the language development of a Estonian-speaking child, Martina, between ages 1;3 and 2;3.

The recordings were mainly carried out at home, where the child was doing her morning routines with her mother. Other home activities were included. Most of the material has been recorded in the mornings.

Martina (also called Tiia) is a second child in Estonian-speaking family. She can be called an very early talker.

See the time of the recording sessions from the table below.

Martina’s ageRecording dateFile sizeDuration
1.1;3,1515.03.2012651,9 MB56:35
2.1;5,1818.05.2012703,1 MB1:01.02
3.1;6,2626.06.2012405,2 MB35.10
4.1;9,1919.09.2012697 MB1:00.25
5.1;10,2323.10.2012731,1 MB1:03.28
6.1;11,2828.11.2012715,4 MB1:02.06
7.2;1,1717.01.2013841,6 MB1:13.03
8. 2;3,606.03.20131:00.24