CHILDES Estonian Kohler Corpus

Kaja Kohler
Wiedelaan 7, 3090 Overljse, Belgium

Participants: 8
Type of Study: naturalistic
Location: Estonia
Media type: not available
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5J302

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Project Description

Kaja Kohler collected these data from eight Estonian-speaking children in Tartu for her dissertation on verb morphology in Estonian children at the University of Potsdam under the supervision of Jürgen Weissenborn. The investigator was born in 1974 in Tartu and studied German language at Tartu and Griefswald from 1992 to 1999, before entering Potsdam in 2000. All eight children in the study are monolingual and are growing up in families with both parents. The material consists of 61 recordings, about 20-40 minutes each, covering an age range of 0;11-2;8 years. The recordings were normally made in the children’s homes, and the child was usually talking with his parents and with the investigator.

Name Sex Birth Date # SessAges
Helen f02-NOV-1999 71;1-1;10 1
Sandor m18-OCT-1999101;2-2;2 1
Stella f21-JUN-199990;11-1;6 2
Taimo m21-JAN-1999 91;5-1;11 1
Carlos m27-OCT-1998 91;7-1;10 2
Anna f14-AUG-1998 71;10-2;1 2
Henri m10-JUN-199832;2-2;3 2
Mari fJAN-199872;5-2;8 3