CHILDES Farsi Family Corpus

Neiloufar Family
Psycholinguistics Group
Technical University Kaiserslautern

Participants: 2
Type of Study: naturalistic
Location: Iran
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/T57K50

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Citation information

Articles based on the use of these data should cite:

Family, N. (2009). Lighten Up: The Acquisition of Light Verb Constructions in Persian. In Proceedings of the 33rd annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (Vol. 1, pp. 139-150).

In accordance with TalkBank rules, any use of data from this corpus must be accompanied by at least one of the above references.

Project Description

The Lilia corpus is comprised of 31 sessions that span across approximately one year. The subject is Lilia (F), 1;11-2;10.

The Minu corpus has 103 sessions spanning across over one year. The subject is Minu (F), 4;0-5;2.

Recordings for both corpuses were collected in the children’s respective homes in Tehran, in a natural setting, without the presence of a researcher. For more detailed information, please contact the author.


This project was funded in part by the Institute for Cognitive Science Studies (Tehran, Iran) and the ANR funded project COLAJE (Paris, France).