CHILDES Tamil Narasimhan Corpus

CHILDES Tamil Narasimhan Corpus

Rangaswamy Narasimhan (1954-2007)

Tata Institute

Participants: 1
Type of Study: case study
Location: India
Media type: no longer available
DOI: doi:10.21415/T52P43

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Project Description

The files in this directory are from a longitudinal study of a single Tamil child conducted by Dr. R. Narasimhan of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Bombay and by R. Vaidyanathan of the Audiology and Speech Therapy School of the Nair Hospital in Bombay. They were contributed to the CHILDES in computerized form in 1984 and reformatted into CHAT in 1986. The files are taken from language interaction between a child and her parents during unstructured caretaking situations.The interactions were audiotaped in her home over a period of 24 months, from the time the child was 9 months old to the time she was 33 months old. The recording relates to 25 sessions in all at approximately biweekly intervals. The typed transcripts of the corpus are about 450 pages. The language is Tamil which is spoken in South India. Transcription has been done phonemically.

Complete English glosses and contextual notes are provided. The following non-English terms appear in the English glosses.
Term Explanation Term Explanation
aayDirty [T] (used as prohibitive term)kyaa What [H]
acci (ad^i)Spank [B]lol-lolDog [B]
d^am-d^amBaby-talk formmaaSaa Fish [M]
ammaaMother [T]maamaa Uncle [T]
ammaacci/ummaacci God [B]maami Aunt [T]
appal^am A variety of roast or fried eatable [T]mam-mam Cooked food [B]
appaa Father [T]mammikkaa cummi A song [H]
baai Maidservant [H]masaalaa doosaa South Indian snack [T]
bam Cracker [B]mircci Chilly [H]
bas Enough [H]mokagaa (molagaa) Chilly [B]
baw-baw Dog [B]mosambi Sweet lime [H]
caappaattiTortilla-like wheat bread [H]naanaa (veen^d^aam) No [B]
cappal Slipper [H]oombi| (od^ambi|) Body (Health) [B]
cikku fruit [H]pat^t^i Plaster [H]
cuut^ar Scooter [B]paat^t^i Grandmother [T]
dooSaa A rice preparation [T]pappi| (pari|ppi|) Dal [B]
gandaa tun^i Rug [H]pattaa Leaf [H]
goli|si| Anklet [T]periyammaa Aunt [T]
good^aa Horse [H]pulaa (ppuraa) Pigeon [B]
id^li Rice cake [T]puuccaan^d^i Bogeyman [B]
jat^t^i Underwear [T]puucci Insect [T]
jin-jin Anklet [B]saadaam Cooked rice [T]
joo-joo Bathe; bath [B]saambaar A lentil-preparation [T]
juuvaa (juulaa) Swing [H]sakaaraam Policeman [M]
kaaccaad^aa Dirty [H]taaccaa-taaccaa Lie down; sleep [B]
kapad^i A game [H]taattaa Grandfather [T]
kari|pala (kari|kapla)Curry leaves [T]t^aat^aa Bye-bye [English colloquial]
kottarambaa (kottavarangaay) A green vegetable [T]tilakA cosmetic mark worn by women on the foreh