CHILDES Italian D’Odorico Corpus

Laura D’Odorico (1948-2014)
Dipartimento di Psicologia
Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

Mirco Fasolo
Dipartimento di Neuroscienze, Imaging e Scienze Cliniche
Università "G. d'Annunzio" di Chieti-Pescara


Participants: 6
Type of Study: longitudinal
Location: Italy
Media type: no longer available
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5G01S

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Project Description

The data presented here regards 6 Italian children who participated, with their mother, in a longitudinal study on language development. In particular, dyads were video recorded during play sessions when children had a vocabulary size of about 100 (mean vocabulary size = 101; mean age = 1;07.08), 200 (mean vocabulary size = 216; mean age = 1;08.05), and 500 word (mean vocabulary size = 534; mean age = 2;01.04).

The children’s vocabulary development was assessed through the mothers’ input on the Italian version of the MacArthur Communicative Development Inventory (Primo Vocabolario del Bambino - PVB; Caselli & Casadio, 1995), from the children were 16 months old until they reached a vocabulary of about 500 words. When children reached the fixed vocabulary size, mother and child were invited to participate to a video recorded unstructured 30-minute play session (two children exceeded largely the first fixed vocabulary size, so they don’t participated at the first video recorded play session). Five different sets of toys were used during the session, in order to provide a large vocabulary sample: a farm, a “nurturing” set (telephone, a doll with bed, mattress and pillow), a “food” set (plastic fruits and vegetables with dishes and piece of cutleries), some illustrated books and some figures. Mothers were instructed to play normally with the children, trying to attract the child’s attention on each set of toys. Experimenter assisted to play-session and could participate to interaction if directly involved by children or mother. In a second phase, an observer transcribed mother’s and infant’s utterances using CHAT format.

The head of the project was Laura D’Odorico; associate researchers were Nicoletta Salerni, Alessandra Assanelli, and Mirco Fasolo.

< i>AgeVoc.
Claudiaf21;11.081082;00.10195 2;06.05421
Davidem11;06.162332;00.02 648
Federicaf11;05.20971;07.04211 2;00.04614
Lindaf21;04.03911;08.162512; 00.02541


The project has been partially supported by a grant from Italian Government (PRIN 2004 N° 200419307).