CHILDES Romanian Avram Corpus

Larisa Avram
Faculty of Foreign Languages
University of Bucharest

Participants: 2
Type of Study: case study
Location: Romania
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/T56S30

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Project Description

This corpus consists of data from two children: Bianca and Antonio. Bianca was born 23-JUL-1999 and Antonio was born 14-JAN-1999. The two longitudinal corpora comprise weekly recordings of natural unstructured conversations of two Romanian children (a girl, Bianca, and a boy, Antonio) with their mother (or another relative) and an investigator. Both children live in Bucharest and they are monolingual speakers of Romanian. The database consists of approximately 60 minute samples audiorecorded weekly, at the child’s home, by one investigator. The recordings include situations of free interactions with the mother and the investigator and, occasionally, mainly in the case of B., with other adults in the family or family friends. The range of samples covers ages 1;3 –3;0 for B. (a total of 74 recordings) and 1;9 – 3;6 for A. (a total of 62 recordings). 31 recordings from the Bianca corpus (age range 1;5 - 2;11) and 16 for the Antonio corpus (age range 1;9 - 3;5) have been transcribed in CHAT. The data were collected and transcribed by Larisa Avram. Two of the recordings were transcribed first by a Phd student (Ioana Stoiescu). In this case, the transcripts were then checked by Larisa Avram.