CHILDES Croatian MAIN Narrative Corpus

Gordana Hržica
Department of Speech and Language Pathology
University of Zagreb


Maja Roch
Department of Developmental Psychology
University of Padua


Participants: 143, 59 monolingual children 43 bilingual, 49 adults, see spreadsheet
Type of Study: cross-sectional, picture description
Location: Croatia
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/CC6K-W041

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Citation information

Hržica, G., Roch, M. (2020) Lexical diversity in bilingual speakers of Croatian and Italian. In: Armon-Lotem, Sharon & Grohmann, Kleanthes (ed.), LITMUS in Action: Crosscomparison studies across Europe. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company Trends in Language Acquisition Research (TILAR)

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Project Description

Data was collected using Croatian and Italian version of MAIN: Multilingual Assessment Instrument for Narratives. MAIN is part of LITMUS Language Impairment Testing in Multilingual Settings. LITMUS is a battery of tests which was being developed as a result of COST Action IS0804 Language Impairment in a Multilingual Society: Linguistic Patterns and the Road to Assessment. Croatian version was developed by Hrzica and Kuvac Kraljevic and Italian by Roch and Levorato.

Protocol for data collection and pictorial material are available at MAIN web page

The completion of this corpus could not have been possible without the participation and assistance of many people that helped with the data collection and transcription. Most of all we would like to express our deep appreciation to all participants and to doctoral students Sara Košutar, Lucija Kuvačić and Matea Kramarić. We also wish to thank other students that contributed to data collection and transcription: Matea Gabaj and Ivona Topal for adult data, Ana Goleš for bilingual data, Nina Hozdić and Dora Knežević for monolingual data. The other students that have participated in the data collection or transcription are:


Collection of the data was supported by the Croatian Science Foundation under the project Multilevel approach to spoken discourse in language development (UIP-2017-05-6603) and by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme under the project Language Dominance of Bilingual Speakers Perceived as Balanced (LADOBI, Piscopia Marie Curie Action PISCRTJQ4Y).