CHILDES Slovenian Žagar Corpus

Igor Žagar
Pedagogical Institute of Slovenia


Participants: 20
Type of Study: naturalistic
Location: Slovenia
Media type: not available
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5V60W

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Koltaj, P., Zagar, Z. I. (2007), Transcribing Children's Argumentation, The School Field 18, 1/2, 171-184.

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Project Description

The Slovenian corpus includes 37 transcriptions and video-files of child Slovenian that were obtained during the research project "Education and critical literacy constructions: perception, argumentation and interpretation" in 2005-2009, coordinated by dr. Igor Žagar and financed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology RS. We would like to ask for the copies of articles that make use of our data. They should be sent to:

The recordings were primarily made for a study of argumentative patterns among children and not only to study linguistic patterns. Because many children were present at the recording site, there is often partial unintelligibility of the recordings (due to multiple overlaps of the sounds). Of all the recordings, it was important to transcribe the data that has been found relevant for the project (i. e. parts that include conversations with argumentation), some short parts that didn't include conversation (for example reading of the book) were not included. The data have been transcribed, and some parts of the transcriptions have been double-checked.

The aim of the recording was to assess some typical argumentation patterns in preschool children and in the child-directed speech. The transcription is done in colloquial written Slovenian with some phonological normalization used during the transcribing. The video material is digitalized and is available along with the transcription files.

Two kindergarten groups (ages 3-4 years and 5-6 years, normally developing population) were recorded for two weeks during their normal kindergarten activities, two recording hours per day, one in the morning and one in the early afternoon. Out of 40 recordings, 37 were transcribed. The children and the teachers speak Ljubljana dialect since they live there and go to kindergarten there, but there is no information available about the background of their parents.

Group 1 was recorded from 24-JAN-2005 to 04-FEB-2005 with two recordings each working day. Group 2 was recorded from 17-mar-2005 to 1-apr-2005 with two recordings every working day – one hour in the morning and one in the afternoon. The recordings were made in two rooms of the kindergarten Zelena jama, Ljubljana. The rooms are about 30 m2 large and fully equipped for approximatelly 20 children (toys, furniture, additional rooms for the bathrooms). The transcriber was Pavel Koltaj. We have the original consents from all the parents.


Group 1 Birthdates:
@Birth of 1: 10-OCT-2001
@Birth of 2: 13-AUG-2001
@Birth of 3: 17-AUG-2001
@Birth of 4: 19-SEP-2001
@Birth of 5: 26-NOV-2001
@Birth of 6: 04-AUG-2001
@Birth of 7: 21-SEP-2001
@Birth of 8: 02-JUL-2001
@Birth of 9: 22-NOV-2001
@Birth of 10: 06-AUG-2001
@Birth of 11: 22-JUN-2001
@Birth of 12: 21-APR-2001
@Birth of 13: 21-SEP-2001
@Birth of 14: 30-JAN-2002
@Birth of 15: 24-NOV-2001
@Birth of 16: 23-SEP-2001
@Birth of 17: 19-JUN-2001

Group 2 Birthdates:
@Birth of 1: 09-JUL-1999
@Birth of 2: 25-MAR-1999
@Birth of 3: 25-JAN-1999
@Birth of 4: 03-AUG-1999
@Birth of 5: 21-SEP-1999
@Birth of 6: 16-NOV-1999
@Birth of 7: 30-NOV-1999
@Birth of 8: 02-JUN-1999
@Birth of 9: 10-JUN-1999
@Birth of 10: 24-APR-1999
@Birth of 11: 10-AUG-1999
@Birth of 12: 29-SEP-1999
@Birth of 13: 25-OCT-1999
@Birth of 14: 18-MAR-1999
@Birth of 15: 20-MAY-1999
@Birth of 16: 09-JUL-1999