CHILDES Spanish Diez-ltza Corpus

Eliseo Diez-Itza
Departamento de Filosofía y Psicología
Universidad de Oviedo


Participants: 20 children -- ages 3;0 to 3;11
Type of Study: dyadic conversations
Location: Spain
Media type: audio not available
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5QC8D

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Project Description

These data were contributed by Eliseo Diez-Itza. They are a small part of a much larger corpus being prepared at the University of Oviedo by Dr. Diez-Itza and his students, with assistance from Verónica Martínez, Raúl Cantora, and Manuela Miranda. This database has provided the basis for several cross-sectional descriptive studies on the acquisition of Spanish, with special focus on phonological, lexical, and narrative issues. The directory currently contains 20 transcripts of dyadic conversations between children (10 girls and 10 boys in the age range from 3;0 to 3;11) and investigators trained in the process of recording, transcribing, and analyzing spontaneous speech samples, using CHAT conventions. The taping sessions were conducted in the participants’ homes. Each one lasted approximately forty-five minutes. During this spontaneous verbal interaction, the children had to tell a story. They were also asked to talk about a visit to the doctor (MED), Caperucita (CAP) and a birthday party (CUM). GEM header lines were used to mark these particular passages. The spontaneous speech parts (HES) were also marked.