CHILDES Portuguese Bibliography

In September 2000, Madalena Cruz-Ferreira and colleagues contributed a set of 1148 references on the acquisition of Portuguese. These have now been added to childes/BIB

All entries include the code "PortugueseBib" in the Keywords field, so that the bibliography can be easily retrieved through the EndNote search function. In Reference Web Poster, Use "Advanced Search" and then "Keyword" as "Portuguese." Additional keywords, relevant to each reference, are included in this field too.

Most references include a URL, where the reference itself and/or more recent additions to this research area can be found. Several of the Portuguese (.pt) and Brazilian (.br) websites are accessible in English too. In cases of conflicting information on a particular reference, say, from a website and from a personal communication by the author(s), the authors' data took priority.

Putting together information of this kind is not a one-person assignment. My most sincere thanks are due to the following colleagues, whose time, support and generous willingness to share knowledge, contacts, and their own research, made this undertaking possible:

    Bernadete Abaurre
    Eleonora Albano
    Amália Andrade
    Lívia Márcia Baptista
    Hanna Batoréo
    Ernestina Carrilho
    Maria Fausta Pereira de Castro
    Marianne Cavalcante
    Miriam Coimbra
    Letícia Sicuro Corrêa
    João Costa
    Hildo Honório do Couto
    Regina Célia Fernandes Cruz
    António H A Emiliano
    Rosa Attié Figueira
    Maria João Freitas
    Sónia Frota
    Aglael Gama Rossi
    Fernanda Ribeiro Gonçalves
    Sebastião Carlos Leite Gonçalves
    Ana Maria de Mattos Guimarães
    Mary Kato
    Regina Lamprecht
    Cláudia de Lemos
    Maria Lobo
    Denise Martins
    Carolina Lisbôa Mezzomo
    Ana Ruth Miranda
    Ana Paula Fadanelli Ramos
    Ana Lúcia Santos
    Ester Scarpa
    Leonor Scliar-Cabral
    Luciene Simões
    Carla Soares
    Otília de Sousa
    Elizabeth Teixeira
    Maria do Céu Viana
    Ana Maria Zilles


Thanks are also due to the Comunidade Virtual da Linguagem, whose network provided me with invaluable information. Any inaccuracy included in the references is my entire responsibility. I will be happy to receive feedback regarding any corrections and additions to the bibliography.

Madalena Cruz-Ferreira