CHILDES Downloading

The CHILDES database contains transcript and media data collected from conversations with children. Conversations involving adults are available from TalkBank. All of the data is transcribed in CHAT format. The use of all CHILDES and TalkBank data is governed by the Creative Commons License. Please remember to read and follow the Ground Rules for data-sharing.

Accessing TalkBank Data

Working with transcripts and media locally

Downloading media with plug-ins

If you find it tedious to download files one by one, you can configure your browser to download all the items on a web page in one go. Many methods are available, but these are the ones we have tested:

Downloading media with wget

You can also use the Unix wget command for downloading. Here are the steps for Mac OSX:
  1. Install HomeBrew by going to and copying the command given there to your terminal and running.
  2. Run
    $ brew update
    $ brew install wget
  3. For example, to retrieve all the *.mp3 audio ih the McDivitt folder, you can run this one-line wget command:
    $ wget -c --user=gordon --ask-password -e robots=off -r -l inf --no-remove-listing -nH --no-parent -R 'index.html*' -A '*.mp3'
  4. Enter your password
This creates a folder "media" into the calling directory with the appropriate substructure. For Windows, Visual WGet may be a good option. For Linux, you can get wget from github, compile it, and use this same command.