CHILDES Child Language Diaries

Bates - Carnevale

Elizabeth Bates and George Carnevale contributed this diary of the development of their daughter from birth to age 1.4.


Melissa Bowerman contributed these diary materials on her two daughters' learning of English.


Susan Isaacs wrote two books on child development, which we converted to text using OCR. Isaacs recorded interesting interactions with children often in nearly verbatim form. These data are rich guides to many aspects of cognitive development, reasoning skills, inferencing, and scientific reasoning in school aged children. The children's ages range from 2;11 to 7;5. There are selections from both boys and girls. These are upper-middle and upper class British children in a school setting. These selections from the books are entered into the computer file as a series of dated episodes.

Isaacs, Susan, 1930) Intellectual Growth In Young Children click here

Isaacs, Susan (1933) Social Development in Young Children. click here


Werner Leopold created a 4-volume diary of the language development of his daughter learning English and German. We have a PDF copy of the first volume

Leopold, Werner (1939). Speech Development of a Bilingual Child: a Linguist's Record: Volume 1: Vocabulary Growth in the first Two Years , Evanston: Northwestern University Press

There is also a photo of Leopold from 1983 and an interview from 1989.


In this PDF Milivoïe Pavlovitch traces the acquisition of French and Serbian by his son..

Pavlovitch, Milivoïe (1920). Le language enfantin: Acquisition du serbe et du français par un enfant serbe. Paris: Champion.


This is a diary from Dorit Ravid of her daughter Sivan's learning of Hebrew from 0;7 at 01-JAN-1979 to 2;6 at 09-DEC-1980. Phonetic transcription and formatting was done by Lyle Lustigmann.


In this PDF Ronjat reports the development of two languages in his son Louis who heard mostly French from his father and German from his mother. There is an emphasis on details of phonological development.

Ronjat, Jules (1913). Le dèveloppement du langage observé chez un enfant bilingue. Paris: Champion.

Stern and Stern

Clara and Wilhelm Stern produced an early biography of the development of language and cognition in their children.

Stern, Clara & Stern, William (1907). Die Kindersprache: Eine psychologische und sprachtheoretische Untersuchung. Leipzig: Barth.

Werner Deutsch also created text files from the diaries in this zip file