CHILDES Child Language Diaries

Bowerman: This folder contains Melissa Bowerman's diary data from her two daughters learning English.

Isaacs: This file contains the complete text of Isaacs (1930) "Intellectual Growth In Young Children" and Isaacs (1933) "Social Development in Young Children." Isaacs recorded interesting interactions with children often in nearly verbatim form. These data are rich guides to many aspects of cognitive development, reasoning skills, inferencing, and scientific reasoning in school aged children. The children's ages range from 2;11 to 7;5. There are selections from both boys and girls. These are upper-middle and upper class British children in a school setting. These selections are entered into the computer as a series of dated episodes.

Leopold: This file contains the complete text of Volume 1 of Werner Leopold's four volume diary study of bilingual English-German language acquisition by his daughter.

Ravid: This is a diary from Dorit Ravid of her daughter Sivan's learning of Hebrew from 0;7 at 01-JAN-1979 to 2;6 at 09-DEC-1980. Phonetic transcription and formatting was done by Lyle Lustigmann.

Stern & Stern: This file contains the complete text of the diary study in German by Clara and William Stern.